Premier Launches X5 Sectional Matrix System

This new matrix system is said to offer strength and stability for all Class II composite restorations.

Premier has announced the launch of its Premier® Section Matrix System. It is a complete sectional matrix system said to achieve Class II composite restorations. It features 5 components.

Made from proprietary resin material, the X5 ring is designed to have strength and stability for separation force and interproximal contacts. Features include the reusable resin rings that can be autoclaved up to 5 times, anatomically shaped matrices, tight contact delivery, inexpensive when compared to NiTi ring systems, compatibility, and ease-of-use, according to a press release from Premier.

Premier is a dental products provider that is said to offer “inspired solutions” for clinicians. The X5 Sectional Matrix Ring kit contains every component necessary for Class II composite restorations.