Premier Dental ramps up innovation with four new products


Premier® Dental, a global privately-held developer, manufacturer and distributor of dental and medical products, announced this week the launch of four innovative products that will provide dental professionals with important new solutions to help enable superior patient outcomes. The new products, which will be highlighted at the Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting, February 20-23 at Premier Booth #3800, include:

ZR-Cem™, a universal, self-adhesive resin cement specially formulated for zirconia that delivers superior bond strength1 and color stability2

Premier® Implant Cement™ Plus, a new implant cement that provides unsurpassed radiopacity3 and delivers the versatility of strong, secure retention while enabling easy crown retrieval if needed.

Sleeve-It™, a new convenient barrier sleeve for syringes to help prevent cross-contamination.

Premier® Universal Primer, a single-component adhesive primer that increases the retention between restorative substrates and all resin cements.

Premier’s CEO Julie Charlestein stated, “We are committed to delivering meaningful innovations and optimal care to the dental community. As a nimble, trusted and ever-evolving company, we are focused on listening to customers and continually bringing differentiated new products to market. These products in turn become standard-setting solutions.” Dr. Jason Goodchild, Premier’s VP of Clinical Affairs, added, “These products provide important new solutions to dental professionals that simultaneously deliver efficacy and ease of use for a better clinical experience for both patient and clinician.”

Below is additional information on the four new products:

ZR-Cem™ is a self-adhesive universal resin cement specially formulated for zirconia restorations. ZR-Cem’s unique

formula contains 10-MDP, which enables a strong bond to all ceramic materials, dentin and enamel-ensuring superior retention1 and marginal integrity. Its BPO/amine-free initiation system translates to superior, lasting color stability2 vs. other cements. ZR-Cem is easy to use as no pre-treatment of the crown or bonding is required. Dual-cured with optimal viscosity, it handles well, is easy to clean up and does not require refrigeration.  


Premier Implant Cement™ Plus is a versatile, innovative implant cement that provides strong, secure retention yet enables easy, non-destructive crown retrieval if necessary at a later date. The elastomeric cement flexes under force,

absorbs shock and maintains a tight marginal seal. It features a predictable and easy application -- no etch, primer or bonding agent required. Gel stage is achieved in just two minutes allowing for easy removal of all excess cement remnants! The cement comes in two shades (white and pink) and delivers unsurpassed radiopacity3–enabling clear visibility on radiographs.           

Sleeve-It™ is a new disposable barrier sleeve line that provides proven protection against cross contamination. Made from high-grade durable material, Sleeve-It barriers have passed extensive testing4 to ensure patient safety. Easy to use, the barriers slide over syringe dispensers

and feature a pre-cut opening to pass through the dispensing tip. Ideal for multiple-use dispensers that cannot be reprocessed using heat-sterilized or high-level disinfectants, Sleeve-It barriers come in multiple sizes and can be conveniently used for each new patient per FDA recommendations.                  

Premier® Universal Primer is a single-component adhesive primer that increases the retention between restorative substrates and all resin cements to deliver long-term clinical success. The primer contains dual coupling agents, 10-MDP and silane methacrylate, for increased bond strength to zirconium, alumina, glass-ceramics, metal alloys and composites.

Premier Universal Primer is easy to use and because no pretreatment of the restoration is required, cementation is quick and efficient with just 60 seconds between apply and dry stages.

 Premier’s Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Helle, stated, “Each of these new products was inspired by insights derived from dental professionals and their ongoing pursuit for innovative solutions that deliver efficacy, convenience and greater patient safety. Consistent with our Premier Promise, we’re excited to enhance the dental professional’s arsenal with differentiated tools that help make it easier for them to deliver superior patient outcomes.”  

The Premier Promise is the company’s promise to make it easy to do business with them, provide innovative, standard-setting solutions, be your Product Concierge-for knowledge and service, and make it right if they fall short. To learn more, visit: 

 1,2,3,4 Data on file

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