Premier Dental Products introduces BioCoat

The bioactive resin pit and fissure sealant is said to provide relentless protection, outstanding adhesion and extended fluoride release.

Premier® Dental Products Company, a leading developer of innovative dentistry products, introduces BioCoat™, a bioactive resin pit and fissure sealant that is said to provide relentless protection, outstanding adhesion and extended fluoride release helping patients protect vulnerable teeth. BioCoat includes patented SmartCap™ Technology, which reportedly enables semi-permeable microcapsules to deliver extended-release protection to the sealed tooth.

“Premier Dental Products Company has a long history of providing dental professionals with novel and needed products that help improve the health and appearance of patients' teeth, and BioCoat is another addition to our excellent and proven product line,” says Julie Charlestein, CEO, Premier Dental Products Company. “BioCoat is a break-through product, combining optimal physical properties that make it easy to apply with relentless protection via long-acting fluoride microcapsules.”

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BioCoat, a heavily filled resin sealant, is designed to offer outstanding compressive and shear bond strengths and low polymerization shrinkage to protect against marginal gaps. The product is also thixotropic, which means it is engineered to flow freely into the tightest pits and fissures for excellent adaptation and adhesion to the enamel. It is easily light cured and offers an esthetic appearance, while continuously releasing fluoride.
Premier, in partnership with Creighton University, developed SmartCap Technology, the differentiator in BioCoat. The technology reportedly facilitates long-lasting protection by utilizing patented semi-permeable resin microcapsules. The rechargeable SmartCap microcapsules are filled with ionic solutions of fluoride, calcium and phosphate, which diffuse in and out of the sealant. The ions are engineered to supersaturate the oral environment around the enamel, which provides an extra line of defense against demineralization during acid attacks. The extended release of remineralization ions is said to provide long-term protection while strengthening enamel and sealing margins against microleakage. There is reportedly no degradation of the restoration resulting from the fluoride release.
To celebrate the release of BioCoat, Premier is also announcing an introductory offer for customers. For a limited time, each BioCoat standard package will include an additional 1.2ml syringe at no charge so that dentists and hygienists can evaluate BioCoat and maximize protection for their patients.
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