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Premier Dental Products Co. Launches izzo, a 4-in-1 At-Home Oral Care System


Fourth-generation family business now offering innovative direct to consumer initiative designed to elevate at-home oral care.

Premier Dental Products Co. Launches izzo, a 4-in-1 At-Home Oral Care System

Premier Dental Products Company has launched izzo™, an innovative new direct to consumer initiative designed to elevate at-home oral care. izzo is the first and only 4-in-1 oral care system that goes significantly beyond just the typical toothbrush, delivering healthy confidence.

In addition to a state-of-the-art oscillating toothbrush, the kit includes a unique polishing system designed to safely and effectively remove stains for brighter, whiter smiles and a cleaner, healthier mouth—which studies show can boost confidence to look and feel one's best. The kit also includes a scaler to remove debris and soft plaque from hard-to-reach areas on and between teeth, and a UVC sanitizer case designed to kill germs that can linger on a brush head between uses. izzo is available beginning February 1 at www.izzosmile.com.

Inside the izzo System
Inspired and designed by dental professionals, izzo truly helps consumers elevate their oral care when they're not at the dental office. The system includes:

  • An advanced power handle and oscillating brush head with 3 speeds: Ultra, Daily and Gentle.
  • A polishing system that delivers 93% better cleaning efficiency than advanced whitening toothpastes via an easily interchangeable polishing cup head that fits on the power handle (just like the brush head) plus a tube of enamel polishing paste.

Third party tests show the izzo system removes surface stains and soft plaque 73% better than advanced whitening toothpastes—and does it safely—with 45% less abrasion on the teeth.

Unlike potentially harsh tooth bleaching agents, the izzo polishing system leaves teeth whiter by polishing away stains and soft plaque that cause discoloration. Mouths feel cleaner and teeth smoother with that just-from-the-dentist feeling.

  • Designed specifically for at-home use, izzo's high-performance scaler, made from medical grade polymer, has all of the soft plaque-fighting strength of metal and the flexibility to get into tight nooks and crannies.
  • A UVC sanitizing case, which reportedly kills 99.99% of germs that can hide on your brush head and polishing cup head. Great for travel, the UVC Case holds its charge for a month after 2 hours of charging.
  • Eco-friendly floss picks made from bamboo charcoal and cornstarch are included with the initial launch kits and available for purchase separately.

izzo also offers a convenient Subscribe & Save option, enabling consumers to automatically receive refills of brush heads, polishing cup heads, and enamel polishing paste at either 60-, 90- or 120-day intervals. Plus, active subscribers with at least 3 continuous refill cycles automatically benefit from a lifetime warranty for all products associated with their original izzo kit. This turnkey subscription makes it easy for consumers to maintain their wellness routines and elevate their at-home oral care to maintain healthier, whiter smiles, which can lead to higher self-confidence and improved overall health.

"With izzo, Premier Dental brings a century of trusted expertise directly into consumers' hands," says Troy Schmedding, DDS, a Walnut Creek, California-based dentist. "As a longtime customer of Premier's high quality professional products, izzo is truly a game changer for at-home oral care as it gives consumers easy-to-use tools to elevate their oral hygiene at home."

Lori Trost, DMD, a dentist from Red Bud, Illinois, adds, "This professionally-inspired oral care system helps consumers with healthier, whiter smiles, and also gives them the confidence to look their best on the 363 days per year when they aren't receiving professional cleanings in the dental office."

"Our drive and passion to continue to elevate oral care is at the heart of our business expansion into direct-to-consumer," says Julie Charlestein, fourth-generation CEO of family-owned Premier Dental Products Co. "izzo is a natural extension of our commitment and experience to the professional, where we have been at the forefront of innovative solutions for over a century. We are so excited and energized to bring this science and technology revolution to the consumer so that they can experience Healthy Confidence. "

Teeth Talk
The debut of izzo comes at a great time, as the self-care industry has grown exponentially, and health professionals have been paying close attention to pandemic-driven "Zoom dysmorphia".

According to an October 2021 survey of 1,236 U.S. consumers, sparkling smiles, confidence, and overall wellness are closely related. In this survey, Premier Dental Products Co. found:

  • 78% of respondents feel more confident when their teeth are white and clean.
  • 81% of respondents associate oral care and dental hygiene with their overall wellness.
  • Respondents ranked oral care as the most important part of their wellness routine; they would give up on exercise, diet and skin care before they'd stop taking care of their teeth.
  • Oral care and Healthy Confidence are closely connected. (41% of respondents said good oral care habits help them improve or maintain the appearance of their teeth; 31% practice good oral care to help them look their best; and 21% prioritize oral care to help them boost their confidence).
  • White smiles mean good impressions. Respondents noted that when they meet someone who has a bright, white smile, they believe that person is confident (41%); happy (32%); and friendly (29%).

izzo is currently available online for purchase at www.izzosmile.com for $129.95.

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