Premier Dental Introduces Innovative ProFlare Disposable Prophy Angle Featuring an Articulating Cup


Developed to help provide an enhanced polishing experience for both patient and clinician, the ProFlare disposable prophy angle from Premier Dental stands out with its unique cup design.

Premier Dental Introduces Innovative ProFlare Disposable Prophy Angle Featuring an Articulating Cup | Image Credit: © Premier Dental

Image Credit: © Premier Dental

Premier Dental recently announced the launch of ProFlare™ articulating disposable prophy angles featuring an innovative cup design that is said to help the prophy angles provide superior quality outcomes at an affordable price.

The ProFlare articulating disposable prophy angle features a unique latex-free, articulating cup, capable of pivoting and flaring to adapt to the specific contours of each tooth surface more easily than a traditional prophy angle. This innovation reportedly reduces the amount of wrist motion required for polishing, thereby enhancing ergonomics and reducing strain on dental professionals.

The patent-pending pivot and flare design of the ProFlare prophy cup ensures maximum surface adaptation. This makes it easier for an experienced clinician to complete an efficient polishing of each tooth's unique contours.The outer ridges of the prophy cup are designed to reach interproximally, which provides effective stain removal between teeth and helps ensure a thorough cleaning process.

The cups feature a more pronounced hourglass shape than a traditional prophy angle cup. This design allows the cup to be solidly attached to the prophy angle, but the top of the cup can flex and adjust to better mirror the shape of the teeth being polished. The cups are designed with interior ridges to clean the surface of the teeth.

The ProFlare features a compact head and neck, which makes it easier for clinicians to see around the prophy angle and maneuver it within the patient’s mouth. Having enhanced visibility and better access to the treatment area can help make the polishing process more efficient. The efficient gearing of the ProFlare is designed to deliver smooth acceleration and eliminate chatter, and it is designed for jam-free performance. Being able to count on the prophy angles to deliver optimal performances allows clinicians to work without interruptions and enhance their overall efficiency.

The latex-free prophy angles are suited for use with patients who have a latex allergy, and they are affordably priced and available in packages of 125 angles. The new angles are designed to be used alongside Premier Dental’s Enamel Pro prophy paste, and AeroPro cordless prophy handpiece for efficient prophy appointments.

Enamel Pro prophy paste is designed to effectively remove stains and also to repair enamel. It features a unique amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) technology that provides a 31% increase in fluoride uptake, helping patient’s repair their teeth and whitening their smiles. It is available in 4 grits and 8 flavors.

AeroPro is a cordless prophy handpiece that aims to improve ergonomics for dental hygienists while making it easier for them to deliver precise, efficient stain removal. Lightweight and featuring easy to access controls, the handpiece features enhanced sealing for more efficient sterilization processing, and is backed by a 3-year warranty.

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