Preat to Work Together with Panthera Dental for Dental Implant Bars

Preat and Panthera Dental will team up to combine implants and enhanced bar manufacturing methods to create components and prosthetics for patients.

Dental implant company Preat has announced that it will now be working with Panthera Dental. In this partnership, Preat’s implant design center with combine with Panthera’s metal bar manufacturing to create robust components, attachments, and prosthetics. These pieces will be both functional and esthetically enhanced, according to President of Preat Chris Bormes.

“The arrangement between our companies brings together 2 names customers know and trust,” said Bormes in a press release from Preat. “Preat’s team will continue to design functional and esthetic pieces for manufacture by Panthera, ensuring customers receive the high-quality components and frictionless ordering experience they’ve come to expect from us.”

Panthera is known for its implant bar milling and non-OEM implants. Combining with Preat was a step forward in expanding options for customers, according to CEO Gabriel Robichaud.

“The Panthera Dental team is pleased to be working with Preat on this strategic new opportunity,” said Robichaud in the press release. “We are bringing together the best of both our worlds with our commitment to rapidly creating flexible, adaptable products for customers.”

Preat and Panthera will be at Lab Day West, May 20-21, 2022 in Garden Grove, California.