Powerful Implant Motor from Aseptico Designed to Streamline Workflows


Company’s new Aseptico® 1070 Series implant motor designed to deliver a simple, powerful, streamlined motor system that can handle implant cases efficiently without unnecessary complexity.

Powerful Implant Motor from Aseptico Designed to Streamline Workflows

Aseptico Inc. has added a powerful and efficient tool designed to streamline dental implant procedures—the Aseptico® 1070 Series Implant Motor—to the company’s already extensive lineup of dental motor systems.

With its compact size, intuitive interface, and multifunction foot control, this implant motor offers the clinician ease-of-use, power, and precision at an affordable price. Aseptico is introducing the new 1070 Series implant motor in response to clinicians who have expressed a desire for a simple, powerful, streamlined dental motor system that can handle implant cases efficiently without unnecessary complexity, the company states.

“The new 1070 Series Implant Motor is like the sports car of implant motors—it has plenty of power and allows the dentist to have precise control of speed, torque, direction, irrigation flow, and presets, at the touch of a fingertip or tap on the multifunction foot control,” says Stuart Kazen, Director of Domestic Sales for Aseptico Inc.

Benefits of the new implant motor for dentists placing dental implants include:

  • Streamlines workflow: Osteotomy and implant placement are handled with ease using an available Mont Blanc 20:1 reduction handpiece.
  • User-friendly interface: The touchscreen display and intuitive user interface make it simple to adjust motor settings according to the dentist’s preferences.
  • Hands-free control: The multifunction foot control enables easy adjustment of speed, direction, irrigation flow, torque, and presets, enhancing both efficiency and infection control.
  • Precise and powerful: The brushless 40,000 RPM motor delivers the power needed for accurate and effective implant procedures.
  • Versatility: With the 1:1 setting (and available 1:1 straight handpiece attachment), the 1070 Series motor is also suitable for surgical and low-speed procedures.
  • Customization options: The 8 programmable presets allow customization of motor settings based on preferred techniques.
  • Enhanced accuracy: The integrated handpiece calibration feature ensures speed and torque accuracy at the bur, providing consistent and reliable performance.
  • Compact and durable: The motor's compact footprint and water-resistant chassis design make it suitable for various clinical environments.
  • Sustainability-focused: The Aseptico 1070 Series implant motor utilizes autoclavable irrigation tubing, reducing waste and saving costs compared to single-use, disposable tubing.
  • Warranty and service: Aseptico offers a 2-year motor warranty with dedicated service provided in the USA.

The retail price for the Aseptico 1070 Series Implant Motor is $3,550. As a special introductory offer during the dates of June 1–Aug 21, 2023, buyers will receive a free Mont Blanc 20:1 handpiece with each purchase of the new implant motor. To learn more about the new Aseptico 1070 Series Implant Motor and offer details, visit aseptico.com.

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