Powered By Artificial Intelligence, iSmartOffice is a New Dental Practice Management and Marketing Solution

A new platform aims to help make connections between dental practices and dental patients.

Described as user-friendly, and powered by artificial intelligence (AI), iSmartOffice is a new dental practice management and marketing platform created by DigiBrain4.

Created by a team consisting of dentists, computer engineers, data scientists, and financial and practice management consultants, iSmartOffice combines data analysis and telediagnostics capabilities to help patients connect with a practice that meets their clinical needs. Beyond just connecting patients with local dental practices, the app also features a dental imaging AI to evaluate patient images which can be used to recommend providers to patients. Providers can also use these imaging capabilities to monitor ongoing treatments.

The iSmartOffice platform is designed to connect to a practice's existing practice management solution via an API, and it can be accessed from anywhere via either a computer or mobile device. The solution employs apps and web portals for both practices and patients in order to help promote practices, connect with new and existing patients, coordinate staff and doctor availability, optimize patient scheduling, streamline insurance claims, and pre-screen patients via its integrated HIPAA-compliant AI system.