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The power of a handpiece


Taking a look at some of the most powerful and efficient dental handpieces in the market.

A handpiece is one of the most important pieces in a dentist’s tool kit. These powerful drills are capable of removing decay, shaping teeth,  cleaning root canals, and extracting fillings or crowns.

Dentists who are in the market to purchase a new handpiece are in luck. Whether you prefer electric or air-driven, high-speed or low-speed, the latest handpieces feature increased torque and an ergonomic design, leading to more efficient procedures. Many also feature more compact heads and reduced noise levels, allowing for enhanced patient comfort during various procedures. Some even come equipped with customizable settings and fiber optics.

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The next several pages feature some of the newest and most advanced dental handpieces currently in the market. Take a look, and you may just find the perfect one for your dental practice.

Click through the slides to read more.


W&H EA-53 electric handpiece system

Whether your patient treatment calls for a high-speed handpiece to easily remove a zirconia crown or a low-speed model to delicately scoop out the demineralized dentin of a deep cavity prep, the EA-53 electric handpiece system can do it all. Optimize the most valuable real estate in your practice by integrating this flexible and precise tool right into your A-dec delivery system with either one or two holder positions to cover hygiene, general restorative and endodontic treatments. A-dec’s deluxe touchpad is the control center for the dental team to operate the system. The EA-53 is also available in a tabletop version that you can use independently or integrate into your existing delivery with the detachable touchpad interface.

800-547-1883  |  a-dec.com

EVO.15 CA 1:5 L

In procedures making use of electric handpieces, the briefest 12-newton contact between the instrument’s push button and the patient’s inner cheek causes the former to overheat, resulting in possible burn injuries. Equipped with patented COOLTOUCH+™ heat-arresting technology, EVO.15 is reportedly the only contra-angle proven never to exceed human body temperature. After years of research and development, it is engaged to protect both the patient and the clinician during some of this profession’s most frequently performed procedures. Additionally, EVO.15 is said to feature a considerably smaller and lighter shockproof head and premier technological innovations, ranging from a new spray/illumination system to an improved bur-locking system.  

800-433-BIEN  |  bienair.com






EndoSync handpiece

The high-performance EndoSync cordless handpiece from Brasseler USA is said to provide numerous safety features, including Optimized Torque Reverse (OTR) technology, torque slowdown and an Apical Action mode, which gives the user the ability to seamlessly connect to the EndoSync Apex Locator. With six fully programmable settings, a broad speed range of 50-1,000 rpms, auto reverse and torque control, EndoSync reportedly provides the power and versatility required for any case, including re-treatments. The EndoSync is the perfect balance of precision and safety.  

Brasseler USA
800-841-4522  |  brasselerusa.com

430 Torque

The 430 Torque is the newest member of the 430 high-speed handpiece family, delivering power and choice. An independent test by The Dental Advisor shows 430 Torque has the highest watts of power of all the handpieces tested: 27 watts. The 430 Torque is available with or without fiber optics. Clinicians can choose from a lubricated version or StarDental’s patented LubeFree version that provides dental practices with substantial cost and time savings.  

866-DTE-INFO  |  dentalez.com/torque


Midwest Phoenix™ series

Midwest Phoenix™ series handpieces reportedly offer superior cutting performance with diamond-like, carbon-coated ceramic bearings in multi-port heads that provide improved power, reduced friction and noise, unique Dynamic Free Speed Control that maintains bearing life, and a special diamond grip for improved tactile feel. Only Midwest reportedly offers patented Dynamic Speed Control that limits free speed but does not limit power. Tuned air flow in the head manages rotor speed to help protect bearings and limit noise generation, even at higher psi. Choose from Midwest Phoenix™ Pro, for use with an ATC Control System for maximum power; Midwest Phoenix™ ZR, equipped with a larger, powerful head that is ideal for cutting solid zirconia; and Midwest Phoenix™, equipped with a small head and ideal for everyday use.

Dentsply Sirona
844-848-0137  |  dentsplysirona.com

Evolve series air-driven handpieces

AG Neovo Dental has achieved a significant development in dental handpiece design with the Evolve series with Enduro® Chuck. Designed to meet a higher level of durability and reliability to dental handpieces, the Enduro® Chuck is specially built with a hybrid of stainless steel and tungsten carbide - the hardest composite material on earth. With the Enduro® Chuck as the core, the turbine reportedly has industry-leading durability and uncompromising concentricity, contributing to state-of-the-art smoothness and best noise reduction.  

AG Neovo
408-321-8210  |  us.agneovo.com




E-Statis Advantage Electric motor system with SANAO electric handpieces

The E-Statis Advantage touchscreen is reportedly fast and easy to use with the added benefits of customization of many settings. Clinicians can optimize performance by instantly using the presets to work with the correct RPM for any type of bur or polishing system for the most effective implementation. The ability to reverse the direction of the bur is designed to contribute to faster polishing in hard-to-reach areas. Whether a dentist is using the electric handpiece to quickly cut tooth structure, remove old restorations or refine margins, there are customizable settings to optimize performance. The small, ergonomic shape of the SANAO handpieces and the customizable E-Statis SLM motor with its torque/speed presets are said to allow for optimal speed, visibility, control and ergonomic comfort for the dentist in any restorative situation. All of these attributes are designed to allow a dentist to be more efficient, productive and comfortable.  

800-572-1211  |  scicanusa.com

Master 3 and Master Torque 3

The Master 3 line was reportedly upgraded to provide 20 percent more torque in a more durable and modern design. With an updated surface pattern for enhanced grip and a stainless-steel head to prevent dents, the Master 3 is said to maintain its most recognizable feature - a clean head canister cartridge for quick chairside repairs.  Additionally, a non-optic swivel model was developed. In keeping with the look and feel of the Master 3 line, the Master Torque 3 Premium E-Type Lowspeed line has a matching updated surface grip pattern. In addition, the line was upgraded with no lube motors and a 4:1 attachment for disposable prophy angles. The Master 3 and Master Torque 3 motors come with a 1-year warranty.  

Henry Schein
800-DSCHEIN  |  henryschein.com


Maxima ELITE Series

The Maxima ELITE Series is said to offer powerful, quiet and high-performance high-speed handpieces that incorporate all the features you would expect in an elite handpiece. Both standard and mini head models have 4-port cooling sprays and operate at under 60 dB while providing 23 W and 19 W of cutting power, respectively, because of the patented power boost system that is incorporated into the handpiece and turbine design. In addition, the Maxima ELITE’s ActiveStop technology puts the breaks on turbines to reduce the suckback effect associated with stop time, which pulls airborne droplets and particles into the head and bearings. All of these features, plus a new ceramic bearing technology that resists the rigors of autoclaving, are incorporated into an all stainless-steel body and forged stainless-steel head that are titanium coated to increase durability and control while resisting corrosion. Maxima ELITE handpieces come with a 2-year warranty.

Henry Schein
800-DSCHEIN  |  henryschein.com

Prometheus™ Couplers

Patented Prometheus™ Couplers are a line of quick disconnect couplers with self-contained LED fiber optics that fit all your favorite fiber optic handpiece brands. The couplers are engineered to create bright white LED light with no additional power source or fiber optic system needed. They use patented air drive technology to energize the LED. Simply connect the Prometheus Coupler to your favorite fiber optic KaVo, StarDental, NSK Dental or Midwest handpiece for bright fiber optics instantly. Connect to any dental tubing and the Prometheus Coupler will provide brilliant light to your preferred fiber optic handpiece. The Prometheus Couplers also reportedly have complete compatibility with other manufacturers’ couplers.   

845-589-0210  |  johnsonpromident.com


T75SAR-3G handpiece

The New T75 third-generation Illuminator series LED quick connect handpiece features self-illumination generated in the handpiece connector. The light generator is kept out of the harmful conditions of the high heat and steam of an autoclave. This reportedly results in years of reliability. Additional features are said to include a florentine gripping area for a positive nonslip grip and a high-quality ceramic bearing turbine that runs at a very concentric 400,00 rpm and at a low noise level. Available in T75SAR-3G standard head, T75TAR-3G torque head and T75AR-SUR-3G 45 degree surgical.   

954-941-6970  |  tekusaproducts.com


Thanks to its compact head, the TornadoS reportedly offers improved visibility in the working area and optimal patient comfort. Despite its small size, the TornadoS is said to offer exceptional power output. Like the Tornado turbine, the TornadoS is equipped with Bien-Air SteadyTorque™ technology. With its 24-watt power output, the TornadoS is reportedly the most powerful turbine with a compact head. The efficient new Bien-Air turbine is engineered to reduce the length of operations, improving the productivity of dental clinics around the world. This exclusive technology is complemented with ceramic ball bearings reportedly capable of handling the highest speeds and heaviest loads, guaranteeing superior durability and resilience. 

800-433-BIEN   |  bienair.com

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