PostProcess Resin Removal Solution Now Compatible with Carbon DPR 10

This detergent will help automate resin removal for a more efficient and streamlined post process.

PostProcess’s Resin Removal Solution is now compatible with Carbon DPR 10. Carbon DPR 10 is a material that can be used in dental and orthodontic model production. Developed specifically for use in the Carbon Ecosystem, the PostProcess®DEMI 910™ is capable of automated resin removal for an entire build platform from a Carbon large-format L1 Printer or 2 build platforms from a Carbon high-resolution M2 Printer.

The system is said to improve productivity for Carbon’s 3D printing systems as well as improving generally usability and efficiency. PostProcess’s PLM-450-SUB is chemically compatible with Carbon DPR 10 resin for an efficient cleaning experience. DEMI 910 and PLM-450-SUB detergents are also compatible with a variety of other Carbon resins.

PostProcess’s VP of Strategic Partnerships Dean VonBank said in a press release, that streamlining processes is the best path to more sustainability and efficiency.

“Like all of our automated 3D post-printing solutions, the DEMI 910 was designed to deliver scalability and efficiency for additive manufacturing users,” VonBank said in the press release. “Expanding our Carbon partnership to include compatibility with DPR 10 means a streamlined and more sustainable process for Carbon customers in the Oral Health and other industries.”