Poll: How Are Dental Service Organizations Affecting Dentistry?

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Are dental service organizations good or bad for dentistry? How are DSOs changing the business of dentistry? The editorial staff at Dentist’s Money Digest® wants your opinions. Please take this brief survey to weigh in.

Poll: What are your thoughts on dental service organizations?

The business of dentistry is changing right before our eyes. The editorial staff at Dentist’s Money Digest® sees the change daily. But more important, you, the dentist, see it happening in real time in your operatories and front offices.

Nowhere else is this rapid change more apparent than in the realm of practice management, specifically as it pertains to running your front office. As you might have read in our special report on the Rise of Dental Service Organizations in America, the American Dental Association now estimates that 7.8 percent of practicing dentists now belong to a dental service organization.


Typically, a dentist will contract with a DSO so that he or she can focus on the clinical side of dentistry, leaving the business side of dentistry to others. Experts are divided over whether DSOs are generally a good thing or a bad thing for the profession of dentistry. But we at Dentist’s Money Digest® want to know what you, the clinician closest to the patients, have to say.

That’s why we created this brief poll. Completing this poll will not only give us greater insight about your views on the role of DSOs in dentistry, but it will also help us as we continue to shape our future editorial direction.

We always want Dentist’s Money Digest® to be useful to, first and foremost, you, the dentist. Taking this survey will help us gauge which topics matter most to you.

You can take the survey here.

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