Polaroid HealthCare Announces Distribution of HuLaser K2 Mobile Cordless Diode Laser

This diode laser is efficient and durable while harnessing advanced technology to create a powerful tool for dental professionals.

Polaroid HealthCare has announced that they will distribute the New HuLaser K2 Mobile Cordless Diode Laser. It is lightweight at 135G’s, including the battery, as well as cordless. This diode laser has a variety of appealing features such as 22 preset programs and 4 memory settings for clinician convenience. It is designed to be efficient, durable, and powerful with 3.5W of continuous power and up to 6W pulse.

The K2 also features a first-of-its-kind Adjustable Fiber Length (AFL) system designed to make difficult-to-reach areas in the mouth easier to get to. It features autoclavable Optic fibers, Aluminum front cap, and silicone front covers. These features are said to be cost effective in their utility and hygienic nature.

This unit has been a worldwide best seller for the last few years, and will now be distributed through Polaroid HealthCare. The K2 laser is available through any Polaroid HealthCare full service dealer.