Polaris Healthcare Partners to Host “Scaling from Clinician to CEO” Conference with Dental Success Institute

This summit from Polaris and the Dental Success Institute aims to help aspiring dental entrepreneurs in starting a group practice.

Polaris Healthcare Partners has announced a joint conference in Denver, Colorado, with the Dental Success Institute. This conference will be focused on helping dental entrepreneurs receive the education and resources to build group practices, according to a press release from the companies.

The conference, titled “Scaling from Clinician to CEO,” will host a variety of experts for over 13 hours of education, including material on finances, marketing, legal, and other aspects of group practice ownership.

Co-founder of the Dental Success Institute, Dr Mark Costes, assures that this information will be valuable for aspiring entrepreneurs and experienced industry leaders.

“Perrin, Diwaker, and the Polaris team provide the most in-depth, comprehensive strategy training and support when it comes to growing and scaling a group practice and DSO that I’ve encountered in the profession,” Dr Costes said in the press release. “The Dental Success Companies are thrilled to collaborate with this world-class organization. The real-world tactical information provided at this event will aceelearte the timeline of anyone wishing to build an elite-level business.”

Co-founder of Polaris, Perrin DesPortes, says that this conference will offer an education experience unlike others.

“There are so many industry conferences that are ‘death by panel’ or ‘death by PowerPoint’ where people talk in theory, but there’s nothing to apply when you get home on Monday morning,” DesPortes said in the press release. “I promise you this Summit will be anything but that. Every attendee will have a lot to think about and apply when they get home.”

Scaling from Clinician to CEO will take place at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel from October 5th through the 7th, 2022. Registration is open via the event website.