Planmeca USA Launches New CAD/CAM Technologies at Chicago Midwinter Meeting

This new wet/dry chairside mill from Planmeca USA will boost practices looking to do more single-visit dentistry.

Planmeca USA has announced the launch of the Planmeca PlanMill® 35, a new wet/dry chairside mill. The PlanMill 35 is a part of the Planmeca FIT® CAD/CAM system, and is meant to assist practices looking to boost their single-visit dentistry, according to President at Planmeca USA, Ed McDonough.

“With the advances in our CAD/CAM portfolio, Planmeca is able to provide the right solution for any sized dental practice,” McDonough said in a press release from the company. “We have 2 excellent systems that can help doctors take their practice to the next level in digital dentistry—the new Planmeca FIT system and the Planmeca FIT Plus. As a company, we are putting a tremendous amount of resources in our CAD/CAM line to enable clinicians to provide the kind of services their patients expect. This is going to be a big year for us and for our customers.”

The PlanMill 35 can use materials such as zirconia, glass and hybrid ceramics, and composites among others. The Planmeca Emerald S is now said to have an increased scanning speed, improved accuracy, and ease-of-use. Other improvements include the Planmeca PlanCAD® software being fully integrated into the Planmeca Romexis® platform for quicker crown design.

The new Planmeca FIT system premiered at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting.