Planmeca Unveils New PlanMill 60 S Milling Unit

A new milling unit from Planmeca touts wet and dry processing, a variety of material compatibility, and interchangeable clamping fixtures.

Planmeca has announced its brand new milling unit, the Planmeca PlanMill 60® S for dental labs. It is a 5-axis milling unit that offers both wet and dry processing, according to a press release from Planmeca. It is indicated for processing of discs, blocks, and prefabricated implant abutments, and is designed to offer expanded capabilities than the standard chairside mill.

Zirconium dioxide, glass ceramics, composites, PMMA, and wax are all among the materials that can be processed. PlanMill 60 S contains a half-open blank holder for restorations in the anterior area, and touts a clamping holder for quick changes. It is used in conjunction with Planmeca PlanCAM software for a full milling workflow for dental labs.

This new milling unit will be a powerful tool for dental labs and practices, according to Senior Vice President at Planmeca, Jukka Kanerva.

“Planmeca PlanMill 60 S is a powerful milling unit for the varying needs of dental laboratories, technicians, and in-house laboratories,” Kanerva said in the press release. “The platform-based design of Planmeca PlanMill 60 S allows introducing new functionalities to the milling unit also in the future with software updates and interchangeable clamping fixtures.”