Planmeca announces debut of new digital impression system, multiple product upgrades

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Planmeca has announced that it will debut a new digital impression system, as well as enhancements to PlanMecaFIT and PlanScan Preferred Lab, at this year's Chicago Midwinter Meeting.

Planmeca has announced that it will debut a new digital impression system, as well as enhancements to PlanmecaFIT and PlanScan Preferred Lab,  at this year's Chicago Midwinter Meeting. 

Enhanced PlanmecaFIT

Planmeca CAD/CAM recently released enhancements to the Chairside Open CAD/CAM system, PlanmecaFIT. Several upgrades to the system provide the user with a streamlined experience. The PlanScan software update creates a vibrant, realistic image that provides the dentist with a level of detail to accurately develop treatment plans.   

Updates to the PlanScan software, such as Buccal Bite Alignment Correction, automatically corrects overbite. The addition of the new PlanMill 40 S equipped with SMART Technology Software, faster milling speeds and six-axis dual spindles enables offices to quickly produce natural-looking restorations within minutes.     

PlanScan SOLO – Digital Impression System


The Planmeca PlanScan SOLO produces fast, accurate digital impressions with vibrant, realistic color. Enhancements to the software behind the PlanScan SOLO have created an innovative scanner that includes Color Optimization for enhanced color mapping, “Active Filtering” to remove extraneous tissues from an image and Buccal Bite Alignment Correction.

Improvements to the PlanScan SOLO reduce scanning times for single crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and full-arch scanning. Designed on the Open System Technology, the PlanScan SOLO easily integrates with most systems. For any dentist transitioning into digital dentistry, PlanScan creates a cost-effect method for entry with no click fees when sending to labs.

PlanScan Preferred Lab   

Planmeca, the global leader in the dental industry, is now partnering with dental labs through the “PlanScan Preferred Lab” (PPL) network. Once certified as a PPL.  The PPL network links dentists directly to Preferred Labs via the Dentrix DDX platform. Certification is easy and it’s FREE to join the network. If your lab currently uses the PlanmecaFIT system or integrates with PlanScan, ask your dentist for a referral or sign up through the PlanmecaUSA website: http://www2\PPL.