The permanent game-changers of dentistry ... and what you need to know about them [VIDEO]

During the recent Chicago Midwinter Meeting, we had a chance to talk with Dr. Roger Levin of Levin Group about current trends in the dental industry, how they are impacting today's dental professionals, and what the future of dentistry will look like.

"My vision for the future of dentistry is that dentists become trained as CEOs and they learn the basic models of how to run a practice," Dr. Levin said. "Dentists are going to have to access knowledge in order to run highly efficient businesses. The knowledge is available. There are best models out there. Dentists have to understand the health of their practice on a weekly basis, and I think we're going to see a lot more digital and metric-driven helping dentists operate their businesses and training their office managers and other members of the staff to perform at the highest level possible."

During our discussion, Dr. Levin touched on numerous "game-changers" for the dental industry, including the rise of DSOs and group practices and the increasing amount of debt that dental students are now bearing. Additionally, Dr. Levin gave a grim warning about today's dentists having to work into their later years more than ever before.

To hear about complete interview with Dr. Levin, watch the video below...