PerioSciences releases Dry Mouth AO Pro Gel

August 4, 2015

Building on the success of its antioxidant oral care product line, Dallas-based PerioSciences LLC launched Dry Mouth AO ProGel and a new mild formula of its Hydrating AO ProRinse.


People who suffer from dry mouth, or xerostomia, now have a powerful new option for relieving their symptoms.

Building on the success of its antioxidant oral care product line, Dallas-based PerioSciences LLC launched Dry Mouth AO ProGel and a new mild formula of its Hydrating AO ProRinse. The new products, along with the established Hydrating AO ProRinse and AO ProToothpaste, are aid to provide a complete hydrating oral care system.

"Our dental accounts told us how well the 'original' formula of our AO ProVantage dental gel works for patients suffering from dry mouth," explains PerioSciences President Russell Moon. "In our new Dry Mouth AO ProGel, we have optimized the ratio of our two hard-working phenolic antioxidants, phloretin and ferulic acid and included other unique, proven ingredients that are ideal for patients with dry mouth. And, the new formula contains glycerin, an FDA-listed oral demulcent."

Sticky, uncomfortable and severe dry-mouth symptoms are common among people undergoing medical treatments and people with various medical conditions. Some estimates state that anywhere from one-fourth to one-half of American adults suffer from dry-mouth symptoms.

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Edward P. Allen, DDS, PhD, a Dallas periodontist, explains the biological processes  antioxidant-based products support.

 "Natural antioxidants in saliva neutralize the destructive free radicals in the oral cavity caused by normal digestion and metabolism as well as by inflammation, infection, disease, and tissue damage from certain therapies," he says. "Reduced antioxidant capacity is one reason that low levels of saliva are associated with oral diseases such as dental caries, gingivitis and periodontal disease.

As we age, levels of natural antioxidants in saliva diminish.  New research demonstrates very low levels of antioxidants in saliva in individuals who suffer from xerostomia.  It makes sense to supplement the deficient natural salivary antioxidants." 

Preliminary research sponsored by PerioSciences is said to affirm patients report significant relief from their dry-mouth symptoms with daily use of the original AO ProVantage formula.

"The positive results from our preliminary clinical study on relief of dry-mouth symptoms prompted our research team to optimize our original antioxidant gel formula for patients with a dry oral environment. The result of this effort is our new Dry Mouth AO ProGel formula,"  Moon says.

Dennis M. Abbott, DDS, a dentist and founder of Dental Oncology Professionals, hails the new PerioSciences Dry Mouth products.

"We have been anxious for this new product because we have seen how well patients have responded to the original antioxidant gel formula," Abbott says. "Our patients report that the antioxidant gel helps with replenishing moisture and freshening breath. Generally, they are more comfortable throughout the day, and we've had patients tell us they feel rested when they use the PerioSciences product at night."

PerioSciences researches, formulates and markets antioxidant-based oral care/oral hygiene products. The company distributes across the United States through a professional channel of dental and medical practices.

For more information, visit or call 800-915-8110.

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