Pearl Announces Patent Grant for Fraud-detecting AI System

This fraud, waste, and abuse detecting artificial intelligence from Pearl has been granted a patent to assist dental insurance carriers.

Pearl has announced a patent granted by the United States Patent Office that covers its artificial intelligence (AI) fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA) detector. This system was specifically designed to detect FWA for dental insurance claims.

According to a press release from Pearl, insurance carriers lose billions of dollars because of fraud. The AI system is said to deliver a better defense against FWA, by reducing vulnerability. It will do this by surfacing claims containing doctored claims evidence, using algorithms to do so.

Pearl’s CTO Cambron Carter said in a press release that the patent further validates Pearl’s work on machine learning and overcoming challenges.

“It's one thing to teach a machine learning system to look for a finite set of relevant known quantities--decay, bone loss, etc. It's quite another to teach a system to look for an unlimited set of unknown quantities. The latter is a bigdata problem of the kind that only an expertly developed unsupervised learning AI system can solve,” Carter said in the press release. That's exactly the kind of system Pearl's patent covers and we're proud to have the originality of our invention recognized."

Pearl’s system is 1 of 4 other Pearl systems that have been granted patents this year. The technology comes from the Pearl Project solution. According to the press release, this further demonstrates Pearl’s ongoing commitment to AI advancement.