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Patients and Hygienists Deserve Comfort During Prophy Appointments


The equipment you use during prophy appointments has a big impact on the experience for both you and your patients, so it’s important to find a system that maximizes ergonomics, comfort, and efficiency.

The prophy appointment is an important part of most thriving dental practices. These appointments offer clinicians an opportunity to identify and diagnose problems early while also helping patients improve their home care and prevention efforts.

It is during these regular “cleanings” as patients often call them that a connection can be made between the patient and the dental practice. However, many patients avoid even these routine visits due to fear that the treatment will be painful and uncomfortable. Of course modern dental practices have a multitude of options when it comes to making patient visits free of anything discomforting or fear inducing, but first the practice must implement those workflows and technologies.

Of course, patients aren’t the only people who can find a standard prophy appointment uncomfortable. Hygienists who practice without proper ergonomic positioning, or who use instruments that are too heavy or difficult to position are likely to develop chronic issues in their backs, wrists, or elsewhere. Choosing to fill the operatory with products designed to prevent these repetitive use injuries is important to ensure hygienists have the ability to practice without pain.

Ideally a practice will look for products that meet the needs of both patients and practitioners. A Dental Products Report® eBook, sponsored by Dentsply Sirona, highlights this challenge and offers advice on how to select a prophy system that is as beneficial to clinicians as it is to patients.

Give this eBook a read to learn all about how to make prophy appointments better for everyone in the operatory.

Download Checklist: https://cloud.email.dentalproductsreport.com/5-Ways-Nupro-Products-Improve-the-Polishing-Experience-for-Clinicians-and-Patients

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