Parkell Releases New Bonding System, Brush&Bond MAX

Parkell has launched its new bonding system, Brush&Bond® MAX. Built on the success of the company’s original Brush&Bond, the MAX system is a next-generation bonding agent that focuses on providing optimal performance on enamel and dentin surfaces, according to a press release from the company.

Brush&Bond MAX is a single-bottle system that’s formulated to provide stronger adhesion and higher bond strengths, giving clinicians confidence in their ability to deliver restorations with no post-operative sensitivity.

Brush&Bond MAX features a simplified touch application technique, which is an alternative to the scrubbing step needed when applying many other bonding agents to the prep surface, some of which require up to 20 or 30 seconds of scrubbing. Parkell conducted a survey that found that over 55% of dentists surveyed who currently use a bonding agent that requires a scrub application technique did not feel confident that they are covering the entire prep surface, according to the press release.

With Brush&Bond MAX, clinicians just need to dip the head of the chemically treated activator brush into the Brush&Bond MAX liquid and simply touch it to the prep surface, going back and forth to pick up more liquid until the entire prep surface is moist. Once on the surface of the tooth, the formula penetrates down to the tubules. The technique is designed to eliminate doubt about properly scrubbing the liquid into tight line angles or the bottom of a small proximal box.

Brush&Bond MAX is also said to treat dentin hypersensitivity and seals crown preps with a durable surface coat during temporization. Because of its low film thickness, it is imperceptible in x-rays and won’t interfere with the seating of lab fabrication restorations when used in conjunction with resin-based adhesive cements. It is also said to be compatible with all Parkell restorative composites as well as light cure, self-cure, and dual-cure methacrylate-based composites and cements currently available.