Panda Scanner Launches PANDA P3 at GNYDM

Chinese manufacturer’s latest intraoral scanner features lighter handpiece, greater speed and improved accuracy.

Panda Scanner’s latest intraoral scanner, the PANDA P3, was showcased at the Greater New York Dental Meeting last week.

After initially launching the Artisan and PANDA P1 intraoral scanners 5 years ago, the Chinese manufacturer produced the popular PANDA 2 in 2021, with more than 3000 units installed. The PANDA P3 is designed to create maximum value for every user.

The intraoral scanner’s features include: AI Technology; 3 different tips to meet more demands of different applications; much smaller and easy to operate; clear margin line (full HD color) for high accuracy; fast scanning speed; powder-free and true color scans.

According to Panda, full arch scanning can be completed in just 1-2 minutes with the PANDA P3's lightweight handpiece (228 g) and it delivers precise, accurate results; accurate anatomical features, 3D high-definition color, and visual communication designed to provide an easy and exciting treatment experience.