Pac-Dent Launches 3 New Products for Prophy, X-ray, and Restorative Dentistry


These 3 new products from Pac-Dent aim to streamline workflows, including hygiene, digital imaging, and regular restorative work.

Pac-Dent Launches 3 New Products for Prophy, X-ray, and Restorative Dentistry. Image: © Pac-Dent

Pac-Dent Launches 3 New Products for Prophy, X-ray, and Restorative Dentistry. Image: © Pac-Dent

Pac-Dent has announced a trio of new dental products, ranging from a prophy-paste holder ring to a new disposable matrix band. These new products are each specifically designed with the clinician in mind, offering convenience to streamline hygiene, digital imaging, and restorative workflows, according to a press release from Pac-Dent.

Of the three new products, Pac-Dent has announced its ProPaste™ One, a disposable ring that clinicians can wear during prophy. The prophy paste, which is anti-splatter, is attached to the ring, allowing clinicians to “wear” it while they work. It’s disposable, which eliminates the need to autoclave after every procedure, as they can simply throw it away when done. ProPaste contains the right amount of desensitizing paste that is said to provide both remineralization and polish through its variety of flavors and grit sizes. This ergonomic ring is designed to be non-slip, allowing for comfort and security during hygiene visits.

Adding to the trio of newly-announced products is the EzAim™ X-Ray Positioning System, which is designed to secure digital sensors to holders without adding anything large and clunky to the operatory. As a self-adhesive sensor holder, EzAim is said to be compatible with all sensor types. It works with aiming rings and positioning arms and is also helpfully color-coded for the dental professional’s ease-of-use.

Thirdly, Pac-Dent has announced the iMatrix™ Disposable matrix band. True to its name, this disposable matrix and trainer system is a single-use system made specifically for composite and amalgam restorations. Not only does it tout a compact structure for convenience, but it also is said to have a 180° moving head for easy adjustments. The matrix band, which comes in either a ‘V’ shape or pre-contoured shape, is constructed to ensure a tight seal, according to the press release from Pac-Dent. It’s made from cure-through materials, enabling clinicians to get the best cure for their restorative work.

All 3 of these products aim to make the clinician’s job more efficient, more streamlined, and, most importantly, improve

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