Pac-Dent Introduces New Ultrasonic Insert Tips for South East Instrument Autoscaler

These ultrasonic insert tips have a variety of features necessary for preventive care and work with Pac-Dent’s South East Instrument Autoscaler.

Pac-Dent has announced the launch of its 25k and 30k magnetostrictive ultrasonic universal insert tips. These universal insert tips are for use with Pac-Dent’s South East Instrument Autoscaler.

Features include a no-slip grip, the use of a base flow water delivery, magnetostrictive handpiece compatibility, and a 90-day warranty. This new offering will affirm Pac-Dent’s mission to grow in the preventative space, according to marketing manager Jacquie Sandoval.

“Pac-Dent is proud to continue offering dependable legacy hygiene products to our customers,” Sandoval said in a press release from the company. “The addition of the Autoscaler has added great value to our line of preventive products, and now being able to provide the insert tip to our customers completes the package for scaling and root planning needs.”

These ultrasonic insert tips are available now through Pac-Dent.