Pac-Dent Inc. Introduces ProMate CL Hygiene Handpiece

Pac-Dent has announced a new cordless hygiene handpiece called the ProMate CL.

Pac-Dent, Inc. has announced the launch of their ProMate CL, which is a lightweight, cordless hygiene handpiece. It is said to feature a longer battery life than its heavy handpiece counterparts and is unrestrained by cords, according to a press release from Pac-Dent.

The ProMate features a dual-mode speed control, quick-touch button, and Bluetooth-powered foot pedal. It has 6 speed settings and is said to be universally compatible with many disposable prophy angles. It is designed to help clinicians polish with more efficiency.

It is said to be created in response to a higher demand for a competitive, cordless handpiece, and is available for clinicians now.