Overjet Partners with Bola Technologies for Artificial Intelligence Dental Solutions


The partnership aims to make AI technology available to dental offices everywhere.

Bola, Overjet Partnership

Bola Technologies, Inc, a provider of voice-artificial intelligence (AI) technology for healthcare and dental professionals, has announced a new partnership with Overjet. The partnership aims to make AI technology available to dental offices everywhere as part of a preferred pricing package, according to a press release from Bola.

Bola’s AI Voice Perio system, which allows dental staff to enter periodontal data directly into client PMS and EHR systems in real-time, will complement Overjet’s platform, which analyzes dental images and quantifies detected pathology. This will not only save time for busy hygienists but also lessen the burden of clinical patient documentation for office staff, the press release read.

“Our partnership with Overjet will prove to be a win for both dental professionals and patients,” said Rushi Ganmukhi, CEO and founder of Bola AI. “In conversations with mutual customers, we have heard amazing things about what Overjet has to offer, and it is our pleasure to work with them. Our combined AI technologies perfectly complement one another and will not only deliver amazingly accurate results but also free dentists up to spend more time doing what they love best: serving the healthcare needs of their patients.”

“At Overjet, we are proud to be at the forefront of utilizing AI to transform dental care,” said Wardah Inam, CEO of Overjet. “To that end, our mission directly aligns with that of Bola AI. We each provide complementary solutions that appeal to dentists for reasons of speed, accuracy, and efficiency that all result in improved quality of care for patients.”

Bola’s Voice Perio is said to deliver 99% speech accuracy and allows for variable accents and flexible phrasing while filtering out background noise and nonclinical speech. Overjet’s platform improves the patient experience by automatically annotating x-rays to bring visibility, transparency, and quantification into clinical patient communication.

This partnership is designed to improve accuracy and efficiency throughout the patient visit, from periodontal charting, to case presentation, and treatment acceptance.

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