Overjet Announces Patent for its Artificial Intelligence Dental X-ray Technology

Overjet has received a patent for its dental artificial intelligence technology that accurately measures anatomical structures.

Overjet has announced that is has secured a United States Patent for its artificial intelligence (AI) tech that measures anatomical structures and quantifies disease on dental x-rays. Overjet’s AI technology is designed to identify anatomical structures ranging from individual teeth to implants and others, to record accurate measurements. This is a step forward in using technology to improve oral health, according to CEO and Co-founder of Overjet, Wardah Inam, PhD.

“Enhancing clinical decision-making to improve oral health is cornerstone to everything we do at Overjet,” Dr Inam said in a press release from the company. “We strive to deliver the best possible results for providers, payors, and patients through continued innovations in dental AI. We are incredibly proud of the U.S. Patent Office’s recognition of Overjet’s leadership in pioneering transformational dental technologies that advance patient care.”

This technology is implemented in Overjet Dental Assistand applications include implant type determination, distortion determination, root canal length measurement, and other practical applications.

This patent will be titled U.S. Patent No. 11158046B2. Overjet Dental Assist is available now.