Oryx Dental Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for Its Imaging Product

Cloud-based company to market and sell Oryx Imaging platform directly to dental practices.

Oryx Dental has secured 510(k) FDA clearance for its imaging product, Oryx Imaging, now allowing the cloud-based company to directly market and sell its imaging platform directly to dental practices.

Oryx Cloud Imaging’s dental imaging software includes the ability to acquire, view, annotate, and organize dental radiographs and color images—integrating with most dental imaging devices, such as intraoral x-ray sensors, intraoral cameras, and scanners.

This open integration is designed to allow clinicians a wider choice of imaging products. They can mix and match acquisition devices from a variety of manufacturers, or simply allow them to consolidate costs on its dental management software, pulling all needed components into 1 platform. It provides offices with a choice to now have a single price-point, with no add-ons, which is exponentially lower than what they are paying today, Oryx Dental says.

“Oryx offers a cloud-based image management solution that resolves many of the challenges experienced when using closed proprietary imaging systems,” says Rania Saleh, DDS, CEO of Oryx Dental Software. “The platform improves patient safety and accelerates care with seamless access to images that assists in case diagnosis and treatment.”

Oryx Cloud Imaging can be used as a standalone product that integrates into existing systems but is also designed to work with the Oryx dental practice management software. Oryx Dental was founded in 2016, and the AI cloud-based dental practice management software is an evidence-based platform that takes a systematic approach to patient care and practice management. Software features include: comprehensive clinical exams within 7-10 minutes; an advanced patient portal with interactive communications that is HIPAA compliant; real-time billing and insurance interaction between practices, patients, and insurers; cloud imaging; and autogenerated patient risk assessment and personalized reports.