Orthodontic Treatment: 4 Reasons Why Adult Should Opt For It


For adults, the attitude towards going to the orthodontist is changing. Here's why.

Going to an orthodontist always seems like a bad idea and many adults opted out of necessary treatment in the past. However, that is changing now and adult orthodontics is on the rise. If you are on the fence about making that appointment, just go for it.

Here are 4 reasons why adults should consider orthodontic treatment.

1. Improves Appearance and Boosts Self-Esteem

Let us look at some numbers first. According to a survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic dentistry, 35% of men and 40% of women believe that a person with a flawed smile is less attractive than a person with a perfect smile. Also,58 % of men and 71% of women have said that teeth are the very first thing they notice when they meet a potential partner.

This means that dental problems like crowded or crooked teeth will affect one’s appearance and self-confidence. Opting for orthodontic treatment would be a good idea as braces change the appearance of the user. It will fix the misaligned teeth and give you a better look. This would lead to increased self-confidence.

2. Improves Dental and Overall Health

Orthodontic treatment helps in promoting oral health. You can use dental braces or Invisalign for:

  • Gives you a Healthy Mouth:Malocclusion occurs when the teeth are crowded or crooked, leading to a bad bite. Braces help in fixing this by straightening the teeth and correcting the bite.
  • Straighter teeth also help in cleaning the mouth better. Therefore, using braces will give you a healthier mouth.
  • Easier to Clean Teeth: Crooked teeth make it difficult to clean teeth properly. This may cause oral diseases, tooth decay or even tooth loss.

Braces give you straight teeth which will be easier to clean. Thus, you will be less prone to periodontal diseases.

If you are still not convinced about getting the braces, research says that 8 in 10 adults who got braces felt their lives were positively affected.

3. Fixes Natural Movement of Teeth

Your teeth may move naturally at any age. Due to this, it may cause misaligned teeth or overlapping of teeth. This further leads to misaligned bite and causes the teeth to grow in an inappropriate position in the mouth. If you are facing such issues, orthodontic treatment is the way to go.

4. Flexible Treatment Options

In the past, many adults rejected orthodontic treatment, especially braces. The main reason was that they didn’t like the idea of having metal brackets on their teeth.

This has changed now, thanks to a number of flexible treatment options that are available. You can find alternatives to metal braces. Treatment options like clear braces, self ligating braces or Invisalign have become quite popular as they are barely noticeable.

No one would even know that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

It may seem like you are the only adult to get orthodontic treatment but the truth is that about one in four of all the orthodontic patients are adults. Thanks to insurance coverage and shorter treatment time, adult orthodontics is on the rise.

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