Orthodontic Platform CandidPro Launches Set of New Clinical Features


Latest announcement comes on the heels of a strategic collaboration with Philips Sonicare designed to empower clinicians with an integrated oral health experience.

Orthodontic Platform CandidPro Launches Set of New Clinical Features

Candid, creator of the CandidPro orthodontic platform, is launching an enhanced set of clinical features to give their doctors more flexibility and control over their clear aligner cases. These are currently available to an early access cohort or by request, and will soon be available to all CandidPro clinicians.

This launch follows the recent announcement of a strategic collaboration with Philips Sonicare that will empower clinicians with an integrated oral health experience. These enhancements reflect CandidPro's dedication to the professional community and its commitment to creating a clear aligner system that's fully aligned with how dental practices work, according to the company. Through the partnership announced earlier this month, Philips and Candid will organize continuous education initiatives to emphasize the importance of a total care approach, according to Chief Business Leader Personal Health at Philips, Deeptha Khanna.

"This is the next generation of CandidPro," says Candid's Chief Executive Officer, Nick Greenfield, referring to the enhanced set of clinical features now available. "Our new clinical capabilities will help our doctors bring more of their own expertise to each case while preserving the efficiency, orthodontic support, and minimally invasive treatment philosophy many already love."

With this slate of clinical enhancements, CandidPro doctors will have the option of incorporating attachments, interproximal reduction (IPR), bite ramps, and customizable preferences into their clear aligner cases.

CandidPro emphasizes a streamlined approach to clear aligners that minimizes the need for IPR and attachments, enabling their doctors to reduce follow-up appointments while preserving enamel. These new features are designed to add more treatment flexibility to the CandidPro platform while still emphasizing that streamlined approach.

"We believe in minimizing the use of IPR and auxiliaries whenever possible," says Candid's Chief Dental Officer, Brian Gray, DDS. "We also believe that our experienced CandidPro doctors should treat cases with our aligners in conjunction with auxiliaries and IPR as they see fit. These enhancements will allow those with deep experience in treatment planning to flex their skills while maintaining the efficient treatment model we're known for."

These new features round out the CandidPro offering by accentuating the remote monitoring, patient engagement, and orthodontist-supported treatment planning capabilities.

"CandidPro is 100% committed to building a clear aligner platform that meets and exceeds providers' expectations by giving them more clinical control, more high-touch service, and more ways to approach treatment," says Greenfield. "We're thrilled to roll out these, and even more, enhancements to our providers this year, and it is only the beginning. Paired with our newly announced Philips Sonicare collaboration, this is going to be a pivotal year for CandidPro."

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