OraQ Launches Commercial Operations of Artificial Intelligence Decision Support Solution


This new software platform employs artificial intelligence to connect clinicians and patients.

OraQ Artificial Intelligence Dental Decision Support Software | Image Credit: © OraQ

Image Credit: © OraQ

OraQ has announces the official commencement of commercial operations in North America. The innovative venture introduces a cutting-edge clinical decision support system empowered by the analytical prowess of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Distinguishing itself from other AI platforms, OraQ is a comprehensive treatment planning technology with FDA and Health Canada approvals. The platform scrutinizes the complete patient profile to unearth treatment opportunities that might otherwise elude detection.

In a press release OraQ's CEO and co-founder Amreesh Khanna, DDS, expresses the company's elation at introducing their technology to dentists across the continent. Driven by the commitment to bolster precision patient care, OraQ's software has demonstrated its potential by increasing treatment acceptance rates by up to 30%, according to a press release.

Years of painstaking work with the fragmented data used in the typical dental practice led to the development of OraQ’s platform which provides AI-powered insights for clinicians and patients.

One of OraQ's standout features is its interactive patient portal, fostering heightened patient engagement rooted in trust and transparency. This not only results in an enriched experience for both patients and clinicians but also augments the clinician-patient relationship in a meaningful and lasting manner.

“Our impact and vision are about helping Dentists every day and anywhere deliver a patient experience that will be fulfilling and create lasting and meaningful relationships with their patients!" says Dr. Khanna.

OraQ leverages AI and machine learning to assist dentists in developing ideal treatment plans, reducing the time required for comprehensive strategies. It calculates the success probabilities of different treatments, identifies correlated conditions often overlooked, and improves alignment between dental practitioners. This is designed to increase acceptance of high-value treatments, providing dentists with data-backed recommendations and expanding their knowledge of effective treatment strategies.

For patients OraQ supports treatment recommendations with data and facts, enhancing transparency and trust between patients and dentists. It reveals potential consequences if treatment is delayed, engaging patients and providing a clearer understanding of their oral health. ‘

The cloud-based platform is accessible from any device, anywhere, is HIPAA compliant, and it is scalable for solo practitioners or groups. Treatment recommendations are evidence-based and OraQ assists in diagnosing and treating conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea, bite concerns, TMD, tooth wear, and more to help improve patient buy-in, and continual monitoring enables progress tracking, outcome measurement, and follow-up scheduling.

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