OraPharma and League of United Latin American Citizens Join Forces to Tackle Gum Disease


The League of United Latin American Citizens will join up with OraPharma to educate and bring awareness to gum disease and treatment within the Hispanic community.

OraPharma and League of United Latin American Citizens Join Forces to Tackle Gum Disease. Image: © League of United Latin American Citizens

OraPharma and League of United Latin American Citizens Join Forces to Tackle Gum Disease. Image: © League of United Latin American Citizens

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Bausch Health Companies Inc and its oral health care subsidiary, OraPharma, have teamed up with the historic League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). Together, they are embarking on a mission to enhance awareness of gum disease detection and treatment within the Hispanic community.

Periodontal disease is a chronic bacterial infection that affects nearly 65 million American adults, with a higher prevalence among Latino populations, according to a press release from LULAC and OraPharma. Prominent symptoms include bleeding during or after brushing and red/swollen gums. Research also indicates that periodontal disease may be linked to an increased risk of other chronic conditions, which can significantly impact the Hispanic community.

This partnership incorporates LULAC's participation in supporting the Cover Your Bases campaign, a nationwide awareness initiative featuring patient ambassador and World Series Champion, Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez is playing a pivotal role in raising awareness about the disease by urging individuals to engage with their dentists regarding their oral health, including screenings for gum disease.

"I'm honored to welcome LULAC to the Cover Your Bases campaign, which aims to educate the Latino community about recognizing the signs and symptoms of gum disease," Rodriguez says in the press release. "I consider myself fortunate that my dentist detected my gum disease early and initiated an effective treatment plan. I hope that by sharing my personal journey, I can encourage more people to do the same, particularly since gum disease is more prevalent among men and within the Latino community."

OraPharma's collaboration with LULAC includes a comprehensive array of educational resources featuring Alex Rodriguez, which will be disseminated through the organization's social and digital platforms. Additionally, OraPharma will be present at LULAC's National Health Summit in Dallas, Texas on October 21st, 2023 to educate attendees about periodontal disease and available treatment options.

Juan Proaño, LULAC Interim-CEO, stated in the press release, "As an organization committed to advancing the health of the Hispanic population in the United States, LULAC is privileged to collaborate with OraPharma and Alex Rodriguez to convey this vital message. Millions of Hispanic Americans suffer from gum disease, yet many remain unaware and undiagnosed. Given the potential associated health risks, it is imperative that we elevate awareness surrounding this condition and empower our members with information that motivates them to seek guidance from their dentist."

For individuals grappling with periodontal disease, considering a comprehensive treatment plan is important to combat the bacteria responsible for the condition. Similar to other bacterial infections, periodontal disease can be managed by a dentist. One treatment option for adults with gum disease is ARESTIN® (minocycline HCI), an antibiotic applied at the site of infection in conjunction with scaling and root planing.

Tom Stern, Vice President and General Manager at OraPharma, says in the press release, "As we commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month, OraPharma takes pride in partnering with esteemed organizations like LULAC to address gum disease as a frequently overlooked health disparity in the Latino community. Although there is no cure for gum disease, our joint mission aims to bridge the information gap and empower the Hispanic community to take charge of their oral health by engaging in discussions with their dentists and exploring treatment plans that may effectively manage the condition."

To discover more about this initiative, please visit www.Arestin.com

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