Oral Genome Selected for Amazon Web Services Health Equity Initiative

The AWS Health Equity Initiative supports organizations that are developing solutions to advance health equity.

Oral Genome has been selected as part of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Health Equity Initiative, which supports organizations that are developing solutions to advance health equity. Through the use of computer vision paired with a tablet or smartphone as a reading device, Oral Genome utilizes test cards to assist in the early diagnosis and detection of dental diseases, such as caries and periodontal disease, according to a press release from the company.

Through a dentist-led and laboratory-developed, science-based wellness test, Oral Genome is said to be able to capture an accurate salivary analysis and provide dental insights and personalized oral health advice in seconds to patients without stepping foot into a dental office.

With this initiative, AWS offers credits and customized technical support experts to selected organizations that want AWS services to improve health outcomes and health equities in several areas:

  • Increasing access to health services for underserved communities
  • Addressing social determinants of health
  • Leveraging data to promote more equitable and inclusive systems of care
  • Advancing equity in diagnostics and screening

The support from AWS will advance Oral Genome’s efforts to provide accessible, equitable, and integrated dental wellness through innovative technology. Over the last few years, approximately 191 million people in the US have been unable to access regular dental care, and dental literacy and prevention methods are not easily accessible and made known. However, salivary testing with on-demand analysis is one of the most exciting dental innovations—yielding insight and information on oral health, according to the company’s statement.