Oral-B Announces New Brushes, Partnerships

The company plans to release 3 toothbrushes using its iO technology in 2022.

Oral-B made several big announcements this week during the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The announcements included the launch of a new electronic toothbrush and greater accessibility to dental care through a new partnership.

The company’s new Oral-B iO10 is a rechargeable electric toothbrush featuring iOSense. The iO10 offers live coaching directly on its charger for guidance on time, pressure, and coverage without the need to bring a smartphone into the bathroom. Its clock and timer help users brush for the recommended 2 minutes. All user data syncs to the Oral-B app for deeper insights into brushing habits. The iO10 also features 7 different cleaning modes for a more personalized experience.

Oral-B will also be launching the iO4 and iO5 toothbrushes at a more affordable price point. Each brush features multiple brushing modes to personalize the brushing experience. Rainbow celebration lights go off on the completion of the 2-minute brushing cycle and refill LED reminders are indicated on the handle. The iO5 can also provide users with real-time coverage tracking and coaching via the Oral-B app. The iO4 and iO5 come in an array of color options, including white, matte black, blush, pink, icy blue, and lavender. The brushes will be available in 2022.

All of these new brush offerings are built on the company’s iO technology, which was originally launched in 2020. Oral-B iO is said to offer a deeper cleaning of teeth and gums compared to manual toothbrushes.

Oral-B also announced its new partnership with Grin, a teledentistry platform, to allow customers to capture high-resolution images of their mouth using a smartphone, and then securely transfer those images to their provider for an at-home consultation. The Grin platform includes a scope that is designed to attach to any smartphone and allows clinicians to transition patient check-ins from the office to remote appointments.

Lastly, Oral-B announced a new oral education initiative. Children are particularly vulnerable to tooth decay. In an effort to offer more child-friendly education, Oral-B and Crest have developed an immersive video game to teach kids better oral health habits. The game, “Attack of the Cavity Creeps”, is based on an ad campaign from the 1970s and 1980s. Players will drop into Toothopolis complete missions to combat bad breath, discoloration, early signs of gum disease, enamel erosion, and defeat General Decay.