OraCare launches Implant Post-Op Care System

The new system is designed to prevent development of peri-implantitis by targeting the specific microorganisms and compounds known to cause the complication.

OraCare has launched the new Implant Post-Op Care System, a simple solution to protect implants from peri-implantitis.

When an implant fails, it's  a catastrophe. Ten percent of all dental implants fail and nearly half are infected by gum disease, which can affect the stability and cosmetic outcome of the implant. To restore an implant back to normal can be costly to both the doctor and the patient, so controlling all the factors that cause gum disease, including improved home care by the patient, is essential to the longevity of an implant.

OraCare’s Implant Post-Op Care System was designed specifically to fight and prevent peri-implantitis.

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“Most dentists do nothing to prevent peri-implantitis,” says Dr. Robert Martino, OraCare CEO. “Some try to use chlorhexidine, but it is actually contraindicated for use with implants. It will cause staining and calculus buildup and inhibit gingival-healing fibroblasts from forming, in addition to many other sideeffects. That’s why we created this solution. The OraCare Implant Post-Op Care System was specifically designed for use with implants. The active ingredients have been shown to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, neutralize volatile sulfur compounds and break up biofilm. No other product addresses all of these issues.”

The main ingredients in the OraCare system are activated chlorine dioxide, aloe and xylitol, which provides efficacy without causing staining and calculus buildup. This integrated system provides an in-office gel and a take-home patient rinse. The gel is for the doctor to use in-office immediately following implant placement, but itc an also be used around an existing failing implant. The rinse is for the patient to use at home during the 30- to 34-day healing time. This will keep the area clean during this critical time. For long-term implant maintenance, OraCare also provides a daily health rinse that patients start using once the healing process ends. With similar ingredients, the rinse provides the extended protection implants need.

“This system is like low-cost insurance to prevent one of the biggest catastrophes in the dental office, implant failure,” Dr. Martino says. "While the system is designed for surgical cases, it can also be used to rehabilitate an implant with peri-implantitis."