Optimu Rotary offers new additions to Horico diamond bur line


Optimu Rotary has the expansion of the Horico® Lion diamond burs.

Horico diamond burs

Optimu Rotary has the expansion of the Horico® Lion diamond burs, specialized burs suitable for use on hard ceramics. The new AuFG 172G and AuFG 172G 016 burs feature coarse-grit diamond particles to cut through zirconia, lithium disilicate, and other hard ceramics.

The German-made diamonds are designed for attention to detail, durability, and long-term performance. They also provide rapid, cool cutting, making them useful when endodontic access must be acquired through hard glass-ceramic restorations.

The Lion diamonds and other Horico dental instruments are engineered and produced by Hopf, Ringleb & Co. GmbH & Cie in Berlin. Optimu Rotary is the exclusive, US-based distributor of the Horico line. For more information, visit optimurotary.com.

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