Onsite Dental Acquires HENRY The Dentist

This acquisition will deliver high quality oral health care to patients all across North America.

The employer-based dental care leader Onsite Dental has acquired HENRY the Dentist, or HENRY for short. HENRY is a venture-backed mobile dental firm that has complementary delivery models, marketing and branding experience, and clientele. HENRY will also offer an east coast presence for Onsite Dental.

This acquisition was done in an effort to make oral health care more accessible to people, according to a press release from Onsite Dental. Onsite health services can be offered to a variety of different organizations, employers, universities, and more.

Ern Blackwelder is the CEO of Onsite Dental. He said it’s all about accessibility for as many people as they can reach.

"At its core, the Onsite Dental experience is about making the highest quality dental care and patient experience more readily accessible," Blackwelder said in a press release. "We are very excited about adding HENRY's outstanding team and their many capabilities that will enable us to expand and improve our services more rapidly for our clients nationwide."

Between Onsite’s technology and patient portal and HENRY’s expertise, this acquisition is said to be able to help a wide range of patients across the United States who are looking for high quality oral health care.