onDiem Introduces COVID-19 Records Tracking Feature

onDiem’s new feature will allow COVID-19 records documentation to help employees stay on top of state mandates.

National dental staffing platform onDiem has introduced a new feature to their platform to keep track of COVID-19 documentation for its users. This documentation includes vaccination cards, exemption requests, or proof of negative COVID-19 test, according to a press release from the company. These documents can be uploaded by employees or practices on behalf of employees.

This feature is meant to help employees and owners keep track of necessary documentation in light of COVID-19 vaccination mandates, according to CEO and Founder of onDiem Joe Fogg.

“These mandates came on pretty fast,” Fogg said in the press release. “I kept finding myself in conversations with customers who were worried about their ability to keep up with all of the different compliance measures. As employers of dental professionals ourselves, we were already working on expanding our Digital ID service to include a new solution that would allow temp professionals to share their COVID-19 records with us to confirm their eligibility to work in mandate states.”

This service is a continuation of a Digital ID credentialing service that launched earlier in 2021. It utilizes a primary source verification to monitor state licenses. It then checks compliance with a variety of regulating entities.

“Extending that service to our practice customers just seemed like the right thing to do,” Fogg said. “Not just for them, but for their employees, and for the industry in general.”