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OMNICHROMA: One Shade to Match All Patients


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Tokuyama contact info:
• (877) 378-3548

Tokuyama Dental America is an award-winning Japanese manufacturer that is recognized for its innovative and high-quality products. We have developed products ranging from resin composites to denture reline materials, all focusing on handling capabilities, increased longevity, and improved esthetics.

With many dentists now facing increasing overhead costs and insurance companies cutting into margins, thriving in the dental industry has become increasingly challenging. With an eye on innovating tomorrow’s dentistry today, we at Tokuyama have utilized 35 years of research and development to design a product that can aid dentists in their practices, saving them both time and money.
Tokuyama has leapt forward in composite technology with the development of our latest universal composite, OMNICHROMA, the first dental composite that matches every tooth with a single composite shade.

Color and Composites
In the current restorative composite market, dentists can choose among a plethora of composite shades and options in order to match every patient’s tooth. However, the cost of composites can add up quickly; according to a recent survey we conducted, approximately 62% of dentists say that composite inventory expires because the materials are rarely used. The excessive waste when these unused shades and materials expire is just more money down the drain. And beyond the costs, shade matching takes extra time and effort in order to achieve a perfect match. At Tokuyama Dental America, we are well aware of this burden that shade matching can cause for dentists and their practices.

OMNICHROMA Changes Everything
Our newest, ground-breaking product, OMNICHROMA, solves this problem for good. OMNICHROMA is the first dental composite that matches every tooth shade, from A1 to D4, with a single composite shade.
As a universal composite, OMNICHROMA can be used with almost every restorative class and for the same indications as most universal composites, ranging from direct anterior and posterior restorations to diastema closures.
Beyond its unprecedented shade-matching ability, it has exceptional handling, polishability, and strength, all of which have been inherited and improved upon from Estelite Sigma Quick. OMNICHROMA offers countless benefits to doctors, including a reduction of excess inventory, minimized chair time, and a reduced need for shade-matching procedures. OMNICHROMA saves dentists time and money in their day-to-day lives through its innovative technology and capabilities.

Inside the Technology
After 35 years of research and development, Tokuyama Dental has mastered our spherical filler technology. Through these spherical fillers, OMNICHROMA is able to utilize structural color technology in order to match every tooth shade.
The phenomenon of structural color occurs when the structure of a material, rather than the dyes or pigments of the material, amplifies or weakens different wavelengths of light. Through this process, colors are expressed that may differ from what the actual color of the material is. From morpho butterflies to peacocks, some of the rarest and most beautiful colors in nature are the result of structural color.
OMNICHROMA’s fillers are uniformly sized and shaped, allowing the material to interact with the exact wavelengths of light that make up the color of human teeth. With no added dyes or pigments, this Smart Chromatic Technology enables OMNICHROMA to generate the exact color of the surrounding tooth, ultimately producing the perfect match.

Universal Procedure
OMNICHROMA can be used in a standard universal procedure for most posterior and anterior cases. Simply prepare the tooth (we emphasize adding bevels or chamfers to eliminate margins and aid in shade matching), apply a bonding agent such as Tokuyama’s Universal Bond, fill the tooth with OMNICHROMA, light cure, and finish and polish. OMNICHROMA starts out more opaque-white before curing, enabling dentists to more easily see the manipulation and shaping of the material according to the anatomy of the tooth. After curing, OMNICHROMA perfectly matches the surrounding tooth color.

For the majority of cases, OMNICHROMA can be used by itself as described in the procedure above. However, for particularly large Class III and IV cases, OMNICHROMA can experience shade-matching interference due to a lack of surrounding dentition. To overcome this limitation, Tokuyama has developed OMNICHROMA BLOCKER, a supplementary material to be used with OMNICHROMA to prevent shade-matching interference. The procedure for these cases is almost identical to OMNICHROMA’s standard universal procedure. Simply prepare the tooth (again with an emphasis on bevels or chamfers), apply BLOCKER as a lingual layer, light cure, apply OMNICHROMA, light cure, and finish and polish.

Every Shade. One Choice.
OMNICHROMA will save doctors time and effort by serving as a single composite shade that matches every patient’s tooth. Moreover, OMNICHROMA can offer financial benefits to doctors by reducing excess inventory and therefore reducing the chance of unused excess composite being thrown away. We are beyond excited to introduce this innovative composite to the market and hope that it will have a hugely beneficial impact on dentists’ lives and in their practices.

OMNICHROMA samples can currently be reserved at OMNICHROMA.com/us. After the launch in February 2019, the samples will begin shipping and the product will be available for purchase.

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