Office Redesign Can Impact Business Success

A dentist will redesign their practice for multiple reasons, but the benefits may extend past the aesthetic appearance. By making the practice more marketable to patients, a design consultant can also influence the success of the staff and attract potential future associates to the business.

It is important for business owners to consider whether or not their practice emotes a message to their patients, and, if so, what that message is.

According to Kelli Berry of Iconic Design Studio in Phoenix, AZ, the message should translate how much the dentist cares about the patients and the business.

“It comes down to more than just picking pretty colors” Berry stressed, adding “we focus on creating an engaging, well put together space that is meant to perform”.

For practice owners planning a redesign, Berry’s business practices can help guide the flow of the space.

Design for the Patient and the Staff

While the design of the office might seem like it is meant to attract new business, Berry’s internal vision focuses heavily on the staff who has to working within the space. “We always try to merge the needs of the patient with the logic of the facility, meaning, if the facility can’t manage the finishes, then the patient will not have a positive experience” she said.

Her attention to detail even extends to the number of steps a clinician must take each time they escort a patient to an exam room. She likens a poorly designed space to arming the team with improper treatment instruments. Helping the team be successful throughout their routine, Berry suggested, can increase staff retention and patient flow.

Holistic Design

Berry called her business approach “holistic” — marrying the multiple factors that go into redesigning a space. “If the doctor has a lease for three years, we don’t want to spend a lot of money on flooring” she explained. Designing for all project parameters, such as patient volume, maintenance resources, schedule and budget, is her specialty, as long as the client has a realistic expectation. “Some dentists come to me because they want to give the office a lift with the knowledge that they will probably sell in ten years. But they don’t want to spend any money” she remarked, adding “we have built our business on logical success”. Upgrading an office with outdated finishes requires and investment of time, money and trust in the professional, but it pays off when patients and potential buyers respond favorably.

The Graphics

Berry’s expertise does not stop at the office remodeling. Logo and graphic design are integral aspects that are tailored to match the practice’s vision and appearance. Something as simple as a logo can take a solo practice from a small business to a brand. “It’s the business of the business that sets them apart”, Berry emphasized. A well-designed logo is a subtle way to show clients there is consideration invested in more than just dentistry.

Previous, outdated graphic undergoes an exciting transformation

GRAPHIC: courtesy of Kelli Berry, Iconic Design Studio

Berry has worked on healthcare settings both large and small as well as with brands whose reach extends over multiple practices, specialties and states. “So much can come together when one person is making it a cohesive package” she said. Although upgrading the appearance of the office does not require a professional consultant, involving an expert can make the overall vision of the design match the dentist’s quality of care.

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