NuEyes to Launch Augmented Reality Smart Glasses NuLoupes


These new smart glasses from NuEyes are not only ergonomic, but they also hold key technologies to give clinicians on-screen insights during treatment.

NuEyes to Launch Augmented Reality Smart Glasses NuLoupes | Image Credit: NuEyes

NuEyes to Launch Augmented Reality Smart Glasses NuLoupes

NuEyes has announced the launch of its newest innovation–NuLoupes, smart glasses that harness the power of augmented reality (AR) and stereopsis imaging. NuLoupes features high-resolution variable digital magnification and a patent-pending camera system for accurate depth perception. Through this camera system, NuLoupes will offer users live 3D stereoscopic imaging with near-zero latency, according to NuEyes.

NuLoupes will also provide clinicians with augmented reality applications that will help them take and dictate operative notes, recognize objects, live stream, and view patient data.

These loupes were developed with the assistance of both surgeons and dentists, informing the design to consider both utility and ergonomics. The pivoting camera system is designed to reduce neck strain while the software is said to be an ideal collection of programs for the clinician.

“It’s exciting to see a product that we have been working on for years finally come to market. I am extremely appreciative of all the engineers and doctors that made NuLoupes a reality,” founder and CEO of NuEyes, Mark Greget says in a press release from the company. “The complexities of a 3D camera system that outperform the human eye, fit into a small and ergonomic pair of AR smart glasses, will be another huge step forward for not only the medical industry but for how augmented reality is delivered.”

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