NSK introduces Valve Switch to Ti-Max handpiece

The new Switch Valve allows clinicians to switch between Water Spray or Water Jet functions.

NSK has updated its Ti-Max Z95L handpiece to include a spray switch that allows clinicians to instantly switch between Water Spray or Water Jet functions. This is reportedly the world’s first two-way spray technology and is designed to offer maximum protection while still contributing to cooling.

The addition of the Switch Valve, which turns off the coolant air, allows contra-angle handpieces to reportedly reduce water aerosols by as much as 50%. The Water Jet (water only) is an alternative cooling function for the Water Spray during procedures. The Water Spray (water + air) can be activated without restriction when needed by simply twisting the switch.

For more information on the Ti-Max Z95L handpiece and the Switch Valve, visit nskdental.com.