NSK America introduces iProphy Mobile

The cordless handpiece reportedly produces less wrist stress.

NSK engineering delivers comfortable and smooth polishing in a handpiece that's light, quiet, steady and cordless.

Weighing in at only 90g, the iProphy Mobile reportedly produces less wrist stress and gives better access to those hard-to-reach places. Clinicians and patients will agree the 57.8 dBA makes this easy on the ears. Going cordless is said to produce stress-free treatment achieved by removing the foot control and providing stable rotations throughout the procedure. 

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The iProphy Mobile has a powerful 2.0 torque and offers two ways of operating for a smooth performance: steady fixed rotations in five speeds (500-2,500 ROM) or a one-touch variable speed. This handpiece is engineered to accommodate any disposable prophy angle. Fifty custom disposable sleeves are included in the box; however, you may use any sleeve close in size. The iProphy Mobile handpiece comes with NSK’s three-year worry-free warranty, including the battery.

For more information, visit nskamericacorp.com.