NopoGuard Needle Safety Device Launched at OSAP Event

Inventor Dental Products Lab showcases the only reusable, on-syringe needle safety device that is compatible with existing syringes and needles.

The NopoGuard® needle safety devicefrom Dental Products Lab, LLC, made a splash at its official product launch and first exhibit at the 2023 OSAP Dental Infection Control Boot CampTM in Atlanta, Georgia at the end of January.

Following the Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP) event, the company announced significant market interest and commercial traction for the new needle safety product.

The CDC estimates that 600,000 to 800,000 needlestick injuries occur each year with many more injuries unreported [Henry and Campbell 1995; EPINet 1999]. Needlestick injuries expose workers to a number of bloodborne pathogens that can cause serious or fatal infections. Because occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens from accidental sharps injuries in dentistry continues to be a serious problem, OSHA requires dental office establishments to identify, evaluate, and implement safer needle protection devices such as engineered sharps protections.

To address this ongoing problem, Dental Products Lab has introduced the NopoGuard needle safety device. In a series of digital content media and print material, the company’s initial marketing campaign highlights NopoGuard’s unique market position as the only reusable, on-syringe needle safety device that is compatible with existing syringes and needles. NopoGuard protects dental health care personnel (DHCP) without disrupting operatory workflow or requiring practitioners to adopt new instruments. NopoGuard is designed to provide the confidence needed when delivering critical patient care while providing superior infection control from the beginning to end of every injection procedure, including the needle disposal process.

“This product was designed with dentists, hygienists, and assistants in mind. Protection at the point of care and during needle disposal, NopoGuard removes the hurdles inherent in the design of current and past needle safety devices on the market. Allowing practitioners to use their own syringes and needles has always been a big obstacle, and the fact that NopoGuard is reusable saves a practice money and reduces waste,” says Robert A. Randolph, DDS, co-founder of Dental Products Lab. “NopoGuard offers start to finish protection from needlestick injuries and you don’t have to change a thing.”

Dental Products Lab also recently joined the OSAP community becoming corporate members in December of 2022. OSAP is the only dental membership organization specifically focused on dental infection prevention and safety education. The company participated in the vendor exhibit at the 2023 OSAP Dental Infection Control Boot Camp, introducing to the public for the first time in person, the NopoGuard needle safety device.

“The attention we received during the conference is a reflection of the strong demand for an innovative product that truly helps prevent exposure to bloodborne pathogens due to needlestick injuries,” says Shan Gaw, co-founder of Dental Products Lab. “Members of our armed services, leaders in community health care organizations, infection control specialists in our universities and vocational training schools, and compliance training organizations were delighted by the impact NopoGuard will have on keeping practitioners safe while reducing productivity losses due to avoidable sharps injuries.”

Compatible with existing syringes and needles and reusable up to 250 times, NopoGuard offers protection from needlestick injuries throughout the injection process including disposal of the needle. It satisfies FDA’s requirement for sharps injury protection and is listed with FDA under the product code DZM. U.S. and international patents pending.