Nobio Announces Launch of the Infinix Advanced Restoratives Product Line

Nobio has announced the launch of their unique, antimicrobial restorative materials to prevent restoration failure.

Nobio has announced the launch of its Inifinix line of antimicrobial restorative materials. These restorative materials are designed to fight recurrent decay through its unique antimicrobial technology, according to Chief Commercial Officer and head of U.S. Operations John Scott.

“While the antimicrobial properties of Infinix are game-changing, we have also worked hard to achieve the handling and esthetics that dentists need and expect,” Scott said in a press release from Nobio. “The feedback from our early users has been fantastic.”

The restorative materials create a non-leaching, non-releasing electrostatic contact kill of the bacteria. This is designed to prevent restoration failure. The complete system includes universal and flowable composites, and a universal bonding system. Nobio plans on adding a bulk-fill composite later in the year.

Infinix was showcased at the 2022 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting.