Nobel Biocare unveils new implant, material, software solutions

At this year's Nobel Biocare Global Symposium, Nobel Biocare unveiled new solutions in implantology, CAD software and digital materials.

This week, Nobel Biocare welcomed dental professionals from around the world to the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2016. Under the banner “Where innovation comes to life,” Nobel Biocare is unveiling a number of innovative new products and solutions at the event. Each is designed to help dental professionals treat more patients better and many are so unique they are either patent protected or in the patent process.

One new innovation revealed the Symposium is a new addition to Nobel Biocare’s assortment of components: the On1 concept. This modular solution bridges the gap between the surgical and prosthetic workflows. The On1 Base connects to the implant at surgery and then remains in place throughout the healing process, prosthetic work and then the lifetime of the restoration. This leaves the soft tissue undisturbed without compromising on restorative flexibility, leaving the biological seal it creates in place for optimized healing.

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As the On1 Base is seated at implant placement, the concept reportedly offers the surgeon peace of mind that only precision-engineered Nobel Biocare components are used with the implant, removing risks associated with ill-fitting third-party abutments. It also eliminates the risk that non-biocompatible, unclean or reused components come into contact with the soft tissue.

For a restorative clinician, the On1 Base allows for an improved patient experience, as the discomfort previously associated with the removal of healing abutments can be completely avoided. With two height options available, there is the flexibility to change the On1 Base should the thickness of the soft tissue require it in the short or long term-an option not available with tissue-level implants. As the healing cap of the On1 concept supports an intraoral scanning approach, conventional impression-taking procedures for delivery of the final crown can be eliminated.

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Nobel Biocare will presented the evolution of NobelProcera. This includes the launch of the new NobelProcera Crown, the first in a series of options in a new high-translucency multilayered full-contour zirconia material. This new material is said to possess exceptional properties, combining high strength and durability with excellent esthetics. The multilayered nature of the restorations and the realistic occlusal detail mirror the appearance of a natural tooth and help save time, as the technician need only apply final touches before delivery to the dentist.

It is now easier than ever to obtain precision-engineered NobelProcera restorations. One route is via the new NobelDesign CAD software, which offers dental technicians powerful CAD tools with an intuitive and adaptive interface. Another access point is NobelProcera Scan and Design Services. This option allows NobelProcera restorations to be ordered by simply sending case information to NobelProcera’s advanced industrial production facilities. NobelProcera products are also available to users of the 3Shape Dental System™ via an open-access partnership.

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