Nobel Biocare Launches Xeal and TiUltra Implant and Abutment Surfaces in the United States

The new surface treatments are designed to promote tissue integration at every level of the implant.

Designed to promote optimal tissue integration, Nobel Biocare's Xeal abutments and TiUltra implant surfaces are now available in the US.

The Xeal abutments are designed to foster soft-tissue attachment, and they feature advanced surface chemistry that in a two-year study demonstrated the ability to promote increased soft tissue height when compared to abutments with machined surfaces. The Xeal surface is available for Nobel Biocare's On1™ Base and Multi-unit Abutment.

The TiUltra implant surface was designed to promote early osseointegration. The implant surfaces are hydrophilic and multizoned for enhanced integration and cellular attachment. The new surface treatment is for Nobel Biocare's NobelActive®, NobelParallel™ Conical Connection, and NobelReplace® Conical Connection implants.