Nexa3D Announces Upgrade to NXD 200 Dental 3D Printer


Nexa3D has upgraded its dental 3D printer to boost throughput, save money, and allow dental labs more first-print successes than ever before with validated Keystone materials.

Nexa3D Announces Upgrade to NXD 200 Dental 3D Printer

Nexa3D Announces Upgrade to NXD 200 Dental 3D Printer

Nexa3D has announced a Professional Series upgrade for its NXD 200 dental 3D printer, expanding the printer’s capabilities with more material compatibility. This new professional upgrade will transform the 3D printer to the NXD 200Pro, allowing the materials KeyOrtho IBT and KeySplint Hard to be used with it.

These validated materials from Keystone will now allow the updated NXD 200Pro to offer dental labs higher throughput to produce ortho models, surgical guides, impression trays, and more. It touts an 8.5 L build volume measuring 10.8 x 6.1 x 7.8 inches, according to a press release from Nexa3D. It also features Nexa3D’s proprietary Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) and light matrix, both of which are designed to boost productivity gains by 20 times the average SLA and DLP 3D printers.

This printer upgrade was inspired by the dental lab industry’s need to boost productivity without costing too much, according to Head of Dental Solutions at Nexa3D, Jim Zarzour.

“We are thrilled to release this significant upgrade to our NXD 200 Dental 3D printer,” Zarzour said in the press release. “We recognize the pressing need for higher productivity and lower operating costs that dental labs are faced with, and that is exactly why we enhanced the NXD 200 printer in order to deliver even better throughput with greater reliability, accuracy, and repeatability. Additionally, the new Pro Series opens the materials portfolio of the NXD platform to accommodate new dental materials that are tailored for ultrafast printing of dental parts.”

The Pro Series is fully compatible with Nexa3D’s post processing solutions like xWash, xCure, and xClean, and utilizes Nexa3D’s Everlast membrane interface technology to reduce first layer gap and boost first-print success. This upgraded version of the NXD dental 3D printer was first showcased at Lab Day East on October 1st, 2022.

It is available now for purchase, or owners of a current model NXD 3D printer can order an Upgrade Kit from Nexa3D.

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