Nexa3D and 3D DDS Team Up

This partnership will combine ultrafast 3D printers and the 3D printing support that will boost a digital dental workflow.

3D printer manufacturer Nexa3D has announced a partnership with 3D dental distributor 3D DDS. This partnership is meant to combine the printing technology that Nexa3D is known for and the 3D printing support that 3D DDS offers, according to a press release from Nexa3D.

3D DDS will supply Nexa3D’s dental portfolio with customer support systems as well as the NXD 200 photoplastic printer. This printer comes with an 8.5 L build volume measuring 275 x 155 x 200mm. Along with this printer, 3D DDS will now offer Nexa3D’s xWASH washing station and the xCURE post-processing system to complete a robust 3D printing workflow, according to founder and CEO of 3D DDS Colin Barnhard.

“We are looking forward to introducing the complete line of Nexa3D solutions to our clients, as they have come to trust us as their primary source for leading edge technologies and services,” Barnhard said in the press release. “The Nexa3D ecosystem produces high quality parts quickly and consistently. I look forward to continuing the great collaborative effort between our teams, so that we can continue to refine and improve the ecosystem to offer the best solution available.”

Nexa3D will host a webinar on November 9, 2021, on 3D dental printing technology and its benefits for dental practices and laboratories. This follows news of 4 KeyPrint resins becoming validated with the NXD 200.