New Surgical Mini LED Light Available from SurgiTel

The new surgical light is lightweight, yet produces a powerful brightness.

SurgiTel has announced the release of its new Surgical Mini LED light. The new surgical light is designed to combine the power of traditional surgical headlights with the color balance and uniformity of advanced LED technology.

Loupe or headband style mounting is available for the new device. The multi-lens design produces an even field of intensity and a uniform beam with multi-lens optics. There is said to be no color change over the working distance range and the light is equipped with advanced battery technology with up to 12 hours of battery life. The battery cells are replaceable for a low maintenance cost.

The Surgical Mini LED weighs 14.6 grams and has an average brightness of 100,000 Lux and long battery life. It also has a spot size of 100 mm diameter at 20 inches, and a color temperature of 5700K.